Meditation and recitation of Tibetan chants: 

Practices take place from time to time at Espace Drukpa. They provide an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas in an informal setting. The sessions are open to all and free of charge. A donation box is available in the room for those who wish to support us but financial participation is free and not compulsory.

Next dates:

- Mercredi 27 mars à 14h: Sangyé Menla

- Mercredi 17 avril à 14h: Reine des Prières et Dewatchen

- Vendredi 31 mai à 14h: Guru Dewa Chenpo
- Vendredi 28 juin à 14h: Guru Yoga
- Mercredi 18 septembre à 14h: Tara Blanche

TEXT: You must bring your own text. If you forget or do not have a text, a copy can be lent to you. However, we must ask you to pay a minimum of CHF 2.00 as we have to buy these texts and loaned copies can no longer be sold. So, in the long term, the texts on loan will still be compensated. Thank you for your understanding.